How To Become Certified

Yoga is one of the more popular exercise methods that people will practice. This is different when compared to most workouts because it conditions not only your body – but also your mind and spirit. People who have been doing it for years and who love what it has done for them will often research on how they can receive their Yoga certification.

Training programs will require that you have practiced Yoga for a few years, that you are able to do a headstand in the middle of the room without any support, and that you have taken classes with a teacher that you wish to train with. These requirements will show that you are dedicated in become a teacher yourself and that you have the endurance to do what it is you are teaching.

For some Yoga is a full time job and for others it is a part time job that allows them to do what they love while helping others to reach the same goals that they have accomplished. There are many gyms that you can apply to which might be looking for a teacher or you can attempt to open your own Yoga studio.

There are some teacher/training programs in the United States that will meet the necessary standards and will be registered with the Yoga Alliance. This is a national organization that offer 200 hour and 500 hour programs. The students will first need to complete the 200 hour program that most studios will require as a minimum requirement for most teachers.

When students have completed the 500 hour program they will be given the title RYT (registered Yoga teacher). Expect to pay around $3,000 for training. There are some programs that will last for only a month or two with intensive training and others that will last as long as a year. Most of these programs will teach you the basics of physiology, anatomy, history of Yoga, and the various techniques that are used.